Handwoven in Brooklyn with Natural Dyes

SSEN is a Brooklyn, New York based studio founded out of a passion for weaving and natural dyes.  SSEN creates handwoven textiles using natural, sustainable materials and ethical labor practices. Our products are about the process as much as the finished product- here’s our story.


All dyeing, weaving, and assembly takes place at our Brooklyn studio. 


Our products are handwoven. This removal of machine from the weaving process allows the vision to unfold as each pass of yarn is made at the loom. Hand weaving is a physical and mental challenge we approach as a moving meditation.


Step into the weaving and dye studio of SSEN and you will be taken by the many captivating moments. Like a calming hypnosis watching the casting of the yarns into skeins on the kinetic wheel, to the rich natural dye drops coming off the skeins, to the physical and repetitive steps of the weaver.  

Yarns and fabrics are hand-dyed in-house using our own natural dye vats. We use dyes from nature; including but not limited to indigo, cochineal, turmeric, avocado, acorn, hibiscus, and madder root. Having control over dye color and shades allows us to accomplish subtle, singular fades and overdye that make each SSEN piece cherished and unique.


All SSEN STUDIO materials come from plant fibers (cottons and linens) and naturally derived plant dyes. 



Weaving calms within me some of the relentless pulses of New York City. It is a tool that enables me to use my physical strength to create pieces of beauty. It hones my inspirations into a creative, but calculated method. These inspirations come from the natural beauty of the ocean, forests and mountains. I experience these environments through surfing, dancing and hiking.  All the while looking, listening and absorbing nature’s presence. And then I weave again. - Mariska Driessen



SSEN is a vision in motion; continually evolving, experimenting and exploring new designs. Have a vision or request? Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll let you know if it’s possible.  INFO@SSENSTUDIO.COM